Monday, June 12, 2006

Doggy Anxiety Level is Rising -- Stormy Weather on the Way

Ed and T. were butting heads this morning over schoolwork, so I took T. along on my second inspection. The house was new and vacant, and T. usually gets a kick out of “helping” me. Today, although he was wowed by the enormous master bath, he found the big, empty house rather frightening. After lunch, I took the kids to the library (we are doing Shakespeare this week, and found lots of good stuff!), so Ed got a good, long rest.

The storm heading this way, which was supposed to be a tropical storm, has apparently turned into a hurricane. I don’t think we will get more than wind gusts and rain, as we are on the east coast, but even that is more than I want. We haven’t bought any hurricane supplies this year, since we figured we’d be out of the state before the first storm hit. Ha! I have an inspection scheduled for 9:30 tomorrow morning, and I’d rather not have to reschedule.

*The picture shows T. opening the lockbox, which was his favorite part of the inspection.


Cherrypie said...

Tell Travis that Stratford upon Avon and Anne Hathaway's Cottage are only a couple of hours away from here. When you sell the house, win the lottery and come over to England, I'll be happy to take him, via Sherwood Forest, of course

Melora said...

I hope to take you up on this!! So much of the history we've studied, as well as the stories we enjoy, are English, that it would be wonderful to visit!