Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Severed Fingers and Eye of Newt for Dinner

Ed sat down at his computer this morning, looked out the window, and found himself face to face with a large, black snake. Have I mentioned that he is not keen on snakes? The snake was apparently not keen on Eds, either, and slithered back out of the palm tree and away. Ed blames the abundance of wildlife on the neighbors’ compost heap. He wants to see the new Al Gore movie, and is, in theory, in favor of the environment, but I’m afraid his environmentalism is of the NIMBY variety.

For Shakespeare week, we’ve been focusing on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Macbeth.” Actually, no one really cares for “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” but the library had a video featuring an actress Ed likes, and I figured that if we’re going to watch the video, we should read the play (or, really, kids’ versions of the play). “Macbeth,” however, is a hit. Lots of blood and spooky stuff! We read a Bruce Coville adaptation that had wonderfully scary pictures. This afternoon, we made witches’ brew while reading the “double, double, toil and trouble” lines. For wolf teeth, fingers, eye of newt, etc., we substituted candy corns, tootsie rolls, chocolate chips, etc. (as suggested in the WTM activity book), and now no one is interested in dinner.


wisteria said...

My little Princess, who is 6, loved the "Midsummer Night's Dream" ballet which we watched after we read the play. We eventually purchased the DVD because it gets embarrassing to check it out so many times.

Emily said...

How fun!! Who needs supper when you have wolf teeth, fingers and eye of newt. What a great memory for the kids!


Melora said...

Wisteria -- I'll look for the ballet. My little girl enjoys ballet, and would probably like that! The video we watched last night, which had several big name actors, was a bit more sensual than I would have liked for the kids.

Emily -- They did get a kick out of it! I think that they will remember the witches and cauldron scene for a while.