Thursday, June 15, 2006

Drain Field Woes

Our septic has been giving us some trouble (there’s a pleasant topic, eh?), and the guys finally showed up yesterday to start “repairs.”  (That means digging up our beautiful back yard with a backhoe, BTW.)  We are thrilled that they are finally doing the work, since it took about a month of phone calls, in which the secretary would promise that they would be showing up momentarily, and we would call her the next day to tell her that they had never appeared, for them to find their way to our house.  We are planning to put the house back in the paper, with an irresistibly seductive ad, as soon as the yard is put back in order.  Nevertheless, we were rather dismayed this afternoon to find that they have severed not only our sprinkler pipe, but our phone line as well.  The phone company has promised to come out and fix the wire by 7:00 tomorrow night.  The up-side of this is that we won’t be woken tomorrow morning by the FAX machine ringing, which will be a treat.


Emily said...

UGH! House repairs are never any fun, in my experience. I am sure even less so when you are trying to sell one.

So sorry! Hope it is all finished soon!

Melora said...
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Melora said...

Not fun at all. Our back yard is one of our house's best features, and right now it is a filthy pit. The septic guy has supposedly ordered sod, so we are cautiously optimistic that it will look okay again in a couple weeks. On the plus side, we've been having to have the septic pumped Way too often over the past year or so, and have been somewhat concerned about it, so now it should be completely fixed, and we won't have to worry about a sale falling apart at the last minute because of some septic disaster.