Saturday, June 10, 2006

It May Be a Long Night

T. finally is having his sleepover tonight. His friends Jason and Jeremy joined us for dinner, then ice cream sundaes, and now, after some rowdiness and a short clarinet and piano performance, we’ve settled down to Finding Nemo. I am sort of hoping that Ed will sleep out on the couch to supervise the boys, while K. and I sleep in bed, but we’ll see!
We had a fellow call yesterday to set up an appointment to see the house this afternoon. He turned out to be quite young and noncommittal, but the house is clean (or, at least it was before we started our sleepover fun!).
Tomorrow I’ve promised to help Jason & Jeremy’s mom with Sunday School. During the summer, our regular Sunday School teachers take off and other people fill in as they are willing. Gina has picked some stories and a video, which seems safe, and then an activity involving poster paints, which may get interesting.

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