Friday, June 09, 2006


I’ve had two days now of internet service so slow that I almost might have no connection at all.  Jobs are taking me many times longer than usual, and I had to copy the last couple day’s reports onto a disc and drive them to the office to send them (since the boss has AOL).  The Comcast guy finally came this afternoon and tinkered a bit, but he said the problem was something to do with a “node” in this area, which has to be fixed by a different service department.  The connection was, briefly, good enough that I could send our reply to the e-mailed offer for our house we got on Wednesday.  The couple who came back with mom made an offer, but it is $29,000 less than our asking price (and in our price range, that’s a lot!).  Ed says it’s just their first try, and that they will offer more, but I’m not so sure.

We did get an interesting phone call about the house yesterday.  A woman from a bank called, and said that she was working on the loan for our house.  I asked who our buyer was, and, when she gave me the name, I realized that it was a fellow who has called twice now, the first time to ask if we would sell to someone buying with a VA loan, and the second time to say that he would call later to set up a time to see the house.  I guess he drove past the house and saw our sign, but we’ve never met him, and he’s never seen the inside of the house.  I told the bank lady that we haven’t actually met the guy, haven’t discussed a purchase price, and certainly don’t have a contract.  She was surprised.  I asked what he was planning to buy the house for, and, when she told me, I told her that his purchase price was going to need to be raised considerably.  I think the guy is probably just trying to find out how much money he will be approved for, and sort of picked our house at random, but it was certainly one of the stranger calls I’ve gotten lately.


CeCe said...

That's weird. I guess you guys can't see if you'd be pre-approved when looking for a house down there, eh? That's what we do here. We go to a bank or mortgage broker, see what amount we can be approved for, then go from there.

Melora said...

Actually, I think that's what lots of people do here too. I don't know if things work any differently with a VA loan. I just thought that perhaps that is what he was doing because otherwise the business of applying for a loan for a house he hasn't even made an offer on is just to strange!

Dy said...

Ohhhh! But this is activity, and movement, and interest! This is exciting! I can appreciate the guy wanting to get a pre-approval - that whole loan processing thing is worse than standing nekkid in Central Park. Far, far worse. (Not that I've done that, but... well, yes, I'd rather do it than go through the loan process ever. ever. again.) Anyhow, we haven't ever used the VA b/c they are a complete PITA, and don't really offer any value over what a conventional loan offers nowadays. One of their quirks is that they won't give you a firm approval w/o an actual house to approve first.

Anyway, I hope something pans out soon. And Ed is right - most people expect to counter at least once, if not more, in the purchase of a home. Kind of like buying blankets in Mexico. Only, you know, more expensive, and you don't have to stand on the sidewalk to do it.

So you'll be coming to check out Huntsville when? ;-)

Keeping my fingers crossed!


Melora said...

Well, Dy, I'm pretty sure I'd prefer any amount of awful paperwork to standing in Central Park in my altogether, but I am older than you. Thank you for the information on the VA loan process! That confirms my suspicion, and makes that peculiar phone call make sense.
Huntsville, eh? The land of beautiful botanical gardens and rampant ticks? It is on our list!