Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Minor Tiff, and Some Sort-of Good News

Worked all day, mostly at “pencil searches,” which are estimates for lenders of where appraisals will come in, so they can decide if their numbers will work and if it is worthwhile for them to order an actual appraisal.  I really don’t like doing pencil searches, since I’m working with minimal information, the lenders fuss and moan when the value isn’t what they’d wanted, and I don’t get paid for the work unless it turns into a real order (and it usually doesn’t).  I made some comment today about hours of work for no money, and Ed started telling me that I should just tell them that I wouldn’t do these things for free.  Grrr!  Sure I’d love to say “no,” but it seems to be part of this job, and it’s just not practical to tell my employer that I won’t do what they ask of me.  You’d think he’d know by now that I just wanted an “awww.”

The good news today is that Ed went in to see his neurologist, and the CAT scan he just had shows that the tumor is not growing back. Unfortunately, the tumor shell has filled with some sort of liquid, and is pressing against some nerve, which is why he’s been in more pain.  Actually, it seems to me rather a fine distinction, between a tumor regrowing and a tumor shell filling up with liquid, but the doctor seemed to think that the current situation is relatively okay.  Ed’s going to schedule a visit with the neurosurgeon to see if he might be able to drain the liquid.  It’s the same guy who wouldn’t do the operation to “remove” the tumor a few years back because he thought he’s probably leave Ed paralyzed, but maybe he’s been practicing since then.


CeCe said...

I hope everything turns out ok. I just have to say though, that no matter how much pain this dude is in, he should be a little nicer to his wonderful wife!

Dy said...

I'll give you an "awwww".

I sure hope Ed's visit goes well. Did have to chuckle a bit about the guy practicing. Glad to see your sense of humor is good-to-go. ;-) Will be praying in the meantime, though.


Melora said...

Thanks, Cece & Dy! A little sympathy is all I needed.

I hope the doctor can do something reasonably simple to make him a bit more comfortable. He is a good fellow, but it is hard to maintain a sweet disposition while in pain. I appreciate your good wishes & prayers!