Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Newspaper was Rubbish, but Otherwise a Good Day

Today was an annoying news day. I sat down to my cereal and coffee, and was regaled by my beloved with the news that our governor has signed a bill which will require all High School students to choose a major. The sooner they are tracked into their respective “career” paths, the better. Our Bush thinks the students will find school more interesting if they can see that they are being trained for jobs. I guess this plan makes sense if one thinks that the government is supposed to be developing a workforce, rather than educating citizens. This was followed by the news that some doctors have decided that “road rage” is a disease. Drivers making obscene gestures and pounding their horns are victims of poor health? Oh my!

The good news, though, was that the weather is supposed to be thunder-free until Thursday. This will give Bo a much needed break from his thunder terrors, and the kids a chance to play outside (hooray!).

Back when we first decided to sell the house, we took a bunch of “stuff” which we didn’t use much, but weren’t ready to part with, and piled it in the garage. Our garage became quite full, but the house looked less cluttered. The stuff included some of the kids’ toys, and the kids have ever since been making regular forays into the garage in search of lost treasures to bring back in and spread around the house. Today, it was our box of fake Lincoln Logs. T.’s inner Calvin came out, and he built Lincoln Log houses and then directed Robosapien to destroy them. K. found a pair of roller skates, and, considering the klutziness of the rest of her family, I thought she did surprisingly well with them.


Dy said...

Wow, that is truly frightening news. I remember talking with a friend in high school. He was from Sweden, and when he explained to me how the gov't sends letters to the students over the summer one year (I believe it corresponds to our eighth-ninth grade summer) telling them what their course will be - higher education, vocational training, village idiot, etc. - I was floored. I said I was SO GLAD the United States would never cross those lines. Looks like I spoke a bit too soon, then, didn't I? It may not be far off. Yet another reason WWHS!!

Glad you're getting a reprieve from the thunder... poor Bo. Love the pictures of the children keeping themselves occupied. They are so creative - it's wonderful. Ours make the forays into the basement to unearth treasures, too. I'd like to put a stop to it, but they do so enjoy the things they find - I feel like I'm getting our money's worth out of the toys all over again! How do you say no to that? ;-)


Carmenzta said...


My "boys" are 21 and 19. Every so often they will re-discover stuff in the garage (ok our garage is a big mess) that they hadn't played/used/ridden in a while! That's my excuse for never getting the garage organized.