Monday, June 05, 2006

Restless Kids, Nutty Dog, and Cranky Husband

We’ve had a couple thundery days now, and our poor Bo is a nervous wreck. He seems to feel that the only safe place is right up against Ed or me. My picture shows the view under my desk – trembling collie. I wonder if a beer or a shot of whiskey would calm him down?

After dinner, the kids and I went for a walk. They have been getting a little antsy from being cooped up inside the last two days. Making cardboard box forts and messes with Play-Doh just doesn’t use up enough of their energy, and Ed’s nerves are nearing the same state as Bo’s. Running around a few blocks helped quite a bit, and we will hope for nicer weather tomorrow!

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Emily said...

AWWW! Poor Bo! Reminds me of our JRT, Stella. She does the same thing with the slightest roll of thunder.

Hope you get some good energy-burning weather this week :)