Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Baby!

Eight years ago today, my beautiful, sweet, sensitive, goofball of a son was born, and I became a mommy.  While we do have our less than perfect moments, he has brought more joy and meaning to my life than I would have believed was possible during the feckless years of my childless young adulthood.  I can hardly believe that the little baby who seemed so fragile and who was so helpless has grown into such a strong, competent boy.  These years are going too quickly, and I cherish the time I have to watch this great kid grow up!

We signed the contract today to sell our house.  It took five hours, which I find incredible.  Judy, our buyer, is very nice and agreeable.  She brought cute little notebooks, pencils, and pencil boxes up as gifts for the kids.  She is thrilled and excited about the house, which is great.  Right now, the idea of quitting my job, packing our mountains of stuff, and finding a new home in some place not-Florida is filling me with much more trepidation than joy. (And yes, I do remember that we did this on purpose!) I think I need a good night’s sleep.


CeCe said...

Happy Birthday crazy link kid!


YAY, you sold your house! Excellent!!!!

Are you moving to Canada?

Melora said...

I'll pass on the birthday greeting!

We are not really thinking Canada. We are thinking southern U.S., and the kids and Ed seem to have pretty much settled on North Carolina. Most of the time I think that sounds good, but I am a little worried that the cold weather will a bit Cold!

Emily said...

AWWW! Happy birthday!!

And congrats on signing the contract on the house. What a nice buyer you have! I hope it all goes smooth to closing.

We have mover A LOT over the years in our search for Utopia. All of that packing is no fun. My only advice is start collecting your boxes now and have a HUGE yard sale before you start filling them.


Cherrypie said...

How cool is that? Travis and Jack have the same birthday. Jack was 16 on Wednesday, only I had to phone him on Tuesday night because of the time difference in Australia.

He's away for 3 weeks altogether, so just 2 weeks of solitary confinement left.

Really glad you've sold the house. Ever throught about Lincolnshire? I can thoroughly recommend it x

Cherrypie said...

thought. duh!