Friday, July 07, 2006

Still a Bit Run Down, but Improving

Feeling better today, but still not quite to the usual standard. Yesterday my old friend Diane came over for a long promised visit, which was lovely. We timed it so she got to spend a little time with the kids (she is godmother to both of them, and always remembers them with gifts on their special days), and then Ed took them off to gymnastics, allowing us some time for a peaceful visit. This excellent plan was only slightly disrupted by a visit from our buyer, who drove up (two hours) with her “sort-of-boyfriend” to show him the house. They were only here briefly, though, and mostly Diane and I got to drink our tea, eat brownies, and talk. It was a real pleasure.

Tonight we watched Master and Commander, which I enjoyed but no one else seemed to care for, and then I made the cake for T.’s birthday party at the pool tomorrow.

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CeCe said...

Cute Cake!