Monday, July 03, 2006

More Hopeful News

Our prospective buyer called this morning, before I left for my inspection, to share the happy news that her loan officer called her and told her that she will qualify for enough to buy our house. She was very excited, and talked for half an hour about how much she likes the house, and how wonderful the location is. By the time we were done talking, I was just about kicking myself for selling such a fine house in such a great town! Really, though, I’m pleased that she doesn’t seem to have any reservations. I’m anxious enough about all the things that may go wrong with this venture without having to worry that our buyer will get cold feet.

I inspected a riverfront condo this morning which had been damaged in the hurricanes and still hasn’t been repaired. The first floor has been gutted, and the second floor should have been. There was no actual damage to the second floor, but the orange shag carpeting and the wall paper painted with multi-color polka dots in the bathroom were painful to behold. The river view, however, was wonderful, and the wind blowing off the river brought memories of days spent in small boats, fishing with my dad. I don’t know whether I’m more scared or excited at the prospect of this move. Ed called the “Buy Owner” guy, and they’ve set up the contract signing for Wednesday afternoon. Our buyer (if I’m not calling her that prematurely) wanted to do the contract at our house, so she can give a friend a tour, so we don’t have to travel.

The kids are excited about fireworks. I think our local officials were supposed to be cracking down on illegal fireworks this year, so we may not get the usual excellent show from our back porch. K. and T. have gotten to share a box of sparklers for the past two nights, and, despite our many warnings, K. managed to slightly burn her finger tonight. She is having so much fun putting ice on the burn that the right lesson may not have been learned.

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