Sunday, July 30, 2006

Home Again!

We’re home!  We’re home!!!  Vero Beach and our beloved home have never looked more beautiful!  Bo gave us a joyful welcome, bouncing around like a puppy and telling us that life was good again because we were Home!  I have to say that I agreed with him.


dhugs said...

Welcome home! I'm so glad you are back safely. Don't fret, the home you are meant to have WILL open up!

CeCe said...

And WHY are you moving again?

Melora said...

Dhugs -- thanks for the welcome home -- now come visit us again before school starts!

Cece -- A change of scenery and getting rid of our mortgage so I can work less and have more time to home school! It sounded good when we came up with "the plan," and now we have the added reason that we have sold our house and couldn't afford to buy a home in our area at today's prices.

Cherrypie said...

It's great to come back to your own comfy home ( and bed and loo) when you've been away on the best holiday, let alone a stressful sojourn such as you have described.

I'm sure Dy's right and the perfect house will turn up just when you are at your most despairing.

I'm not sure whether my praying card will still be accepted, but I'm using it for you anyway xx

Hornblower said...

Cheez Melora, just because you're going to be HOMELESS in a few weeks doesn't mean you have to drive around aimlessly looking for a shack to live in! LOL! You know we did the same thing? Sold first, then bought another place? It's OK. Don't rush yourselves.

Glad you're home safely.

Melora said...

Cherrypie -- Thanks for the prayers! I just want to be able to peek ahead at the next chapter of our "story" and see whether we wind up standing on a street corner with all our stuff piled up around us, or whether we actually manage to find a house to move into. The suspense is killing me!

Hornblower -- Ed can't understand why I'm so hung up on this whole "having a home" thing either. So, when you were homeless, where did you put your stuff? I know that, theoretically, we could put our stuff in storage and rent, but it costs thousands to move just Once, and we have a dog, so renting wouldn't be so easy. I am really a pretty unadventurous homebody!

Hornblower said...

We did put most of our stuff in storage & rented. Yes, it cost us but keep in mind that the average home resale around here is over 500,000 so spending a few thousand getting the right house makes sense.... I just planned in advance to spend money on storage & rent & mentally deducted it from the sale of our place.
Good Luck!