Monday, July 31, 2006

We Are Still Resting!

I have nothing to blog about today, and I love it!!!  We did as close to less than nothing as it is possible to do (or not do!).  We put stuff away, I touched base with the office and tried to schedule some jobs, and we made T. do a little reading and a little math (a Very little – that boy’s normal reluctance to settle down to work has turned into an outright phobia after a two week holiday!  We’ll try not to let that happen again.).  We wrote up a letter for an offer on the brick house, but Ed isn’t ready to FAX it to the realtor’s office yet.  Ed rented the new Pink Panther movie with Steve Martin for tonight, so I’m all set for a blissfully unproductive evening.


CeCe said...

I demand that you enjoy your evening!

Amy said...

Welcome Home!

I have been following your tour around the western part of my state, and have to say you have picked a very pretty place to look. I wish we were not so tied down to this area, but we are centrally located for all the family members here.

I saw your question about hurricanes on the WTM this evening and wanted to respond, but it was so far down that I didn't think you would see it. I grew up on the coast and have since live in the RDU area. All of NC have felt the effects of hurricanes. The mountains have had major flooding from gulf coast storms, Hugo ravished Charlotte and Greensboro, Fran did more damage to Raleigh than the coast, Floyd caused some of the worst flooding the eastern coastal plain (farm land) has ever seen. That being the case we don't get hit every single year, unless you live on Hatteras. The other weather concern to think about are ice storms. We tend to get those every few years also - tends to be more likely than snow aroud here. Home wise, make sure your trees are healthy - they tend to survive high winds and ice better. Trim them away from the house. Also, make sure your house is not in a flood plain - with the rampant building in NC they have let some developers get away with this.

Otherwise, NC is a very nice place to live. We do not tend to get large weather anomalies. Our highest temp so far this year has been 96, winters we tend to be in the 40-50 range, with some days comfortably in the 60s. There are generally four seasons - just don't blink in the Spring.

Sorry for hijjacking your comments. Feel free to email me: warramra at earthlink dot com