Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Surfer Boy

T. is reading a book called Surfer Dog for hs book group this month, and today’s meeting was at the beach. We all went, since neither Ed nor I had confidence in the other’s ability to keep both kids safe in the waves. It turned out to be a fun family outing. T. got to borrow someone’s spare surf board and had fun trying to surf. K. splashed and hunted shells. The ocean was lovely, but watching my heedless children, both poor swimmers, in the waves brings out the nervous Nellie in me. T. asked if he could get a surfboard, but I told him that our future home will not be near the ocean.

On the topic of future homes, we are still waiting for the paperwork from our buyer’s lender showing that she is approved for the agreed on amount. We were supposed to have it yesterday, and the buyer told us it had been sent to the title company. The lender FAXed us paperwork tonight, but it was for the wrong amount. I hope we can get it straightened out tomorrow.

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