Wednesday, November 28, 2007


My parents headed back to the frozen north today. It was a wonderful visit, and we were sorry to see them go. Travis suggested that we should take the day off school because Granny and Paba leaving is so sad. Nice try, kiddo!


Dy said...

Oh, I just had the most lovely time getting all caught up on your family visit. Wasn't it wonderful to be able to host everyone, and have such a lovely time?

(On a side note - Blokus - good game? Might work with a squirrelly 9yo boy... and another squirrelly 7yo boy... and, well, we're infested with squirrels around here. But I'm brainstorming for Christmas.)

I'm guessing the strings are sheep gut? And the high cost is b/c sheep ranching in the US is almost nil - so, technically, it's an import. That would be my best guess for why the cost is so high. Ask your dad. It's driving me nuts. I don't know if it's something that was once gut, but now isn't, but kept the name, or if it's still made the same way. Inquiring minds want to know!

The kids are adorable, and it looks like you're sliding into your wintery surroundings so nicely. I *love* all the pictures you post. They never fail to make me smile. (Unless they're of some poor child, splayed out on the couch, looking miserable - in which case, they make me want to bring you something fleece and comiserate.)


Melora said...

It was wonderful having everyone. We even had space for everyone to sit in the dining room, thanks to an additional table borrowed from the fire dept.!

Your squirrelly boys would love Blokus. It is a pretty fast game, with very simple rules but enough strategy to make it fun for grown-ups.

I'll ask my dad about the guts! They are many times the cost of nylon or metal, and apparently have a quite different sound.

Dy said...

You borrowed a table from the fire dept?!? ROFL. That's priceless! I love living in small towns, sometimes. How totally cool.

Thanks for the heads up on Blokus. I think I'm going to put it on the list. That sounds just perfect.