Thursday, January 03, 2008

Another Beautiful Schedule

This has turned out to be a week of easing back into school. We've mostly been getting everything done, it's just that we are not "rise at dawn" people at the best of times, and during vacation we indulged fully in our "late to bed and late to rise" tendencies, so it is not until late in the day that we are finishing up. I have A Plan, however, which will soon have us accomplishing great things on a very respectable schedule. Today on Word, I made a beautiful plan, all neatly boxed and gridded, which maps out our days from 8:30 in the morning to 3:30 in the afternoon. Everything is included, including ample time for writing, history, and science. My beautiful schedule fills me with Hope and Optimism, and the fact that Travis was still asleep this morning at 8:30 is a minor detail which I will not allow to spoil my pleasure. After all, I have three days now to change our sleeping patterns, and that should be plenty of time!


melissa said...

Yes, we have been EASING back into our schedules as well. Next week everything starts up again. Best of luck to everyone getting back into the swing.

Emily said...

AHHH!!! There is nothing quite like a new color coded schedule. I LOVE creating them! Excel is my friend, with all of it's nicely shaped boxes and columns. The fact that I have never been able to follow one of my schedules is no matter. I have convinced myself that all I need to do to solve that problem is create another beautiful schedule. It is a vicious circle here. :) I wish you much success!!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I know the organized feeling that a really colorful, neat and professional looking schedule gives me. Unfortunately, like Emily, I have noticed that following the schedule in our more than slightly ADD household is another matter entirely! Still A PLAN gives one something to deviate from! And anyway, I have heard of people who are successful not only at creating schedules, but actually following them. Or is that just an Urban Legend?

But seriously, good luck with your beautiful new schedule!

Anonymous said...

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Cherrypie said...

The best thing about spending all that time on such a beautiful timetable, is all the delicious time revising when your schedule slips.

HNY, Melora. 2008 is going to be great.

I am trying hard not to covet that wonderful pile of books you've got halfway down your page. Instead, I shall take it as inspiration. x

KathyJo said...

We're going to start the process of easing back into school tomorrow. I'll confess that I'm too much of a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of girl to have beautiful schedules that plan out our day. :} I wish I could, but it makes me miserable when I try.

Melora said...

Thanks! Disciplining myself to get on schedule is the hardest part!
If only there were Some correlation between the orderliness of my schedules and that of our days!
That is it exactly! If I have a schedule, at least I have Some idea of what we want to have done and how much time is available to do it in. It is helpful, even though we will never stick to it exactly.
I am already revising! Thank you for the New Year wishes, and I wish you a wonderful, book filled 2008 as well! I peeked in at your blog and it certainly looks as if you are keeping busy, if not entirely out of trouble!
I hope your back-to-school transition is smooth!
Our school days look pretty on paper, but the reality is rather less so. It always appears to me, when I look in at your blog, that your schooling is going very well indeed, so you don't Need the gratification I get from my schedules!