Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rose Sunday

The weather report called for ice this morning, so we felt really lucky when it was just cold and rainy.  Our big Final Practice for the pageant went fairly well, considering that most of the cast was missing.  The music director kindly stayed after and went through the rehearsal with us, so we had all the carols in their proper places, and I think the musical cues will make it easy for the congregation to pick up on what they are supposed to sing.  Travis and Katie are still a little weak in a couple places, but I think they'll be okay.  But we have one person who volunteered for and was given a role who has never been to practice (a member of the vestry, so it's not like I can be fierce with him!), and with all the people who were missing today (due to a death in the family) I'm just not sure what is going to happen when we do the pageant next Sunday.  I figure that the worst that can happen is that I won't be asked to run the pageant again, and since this is also the best thing that could happen I can't lose!

This was our view as we drove down the mountain after church.

All you could see was the tops of the tallest hills sticking out of the clouds.  Ed sweetly pulled over so that I could take pictures.

The pictures don't really capture how beautiful it was, but you get the general idea.

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