Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Latest Portrait

One of the benefits of being a mother is having one's portrait painted.  Many times.  Which could give a person a swelled head, and yet somehow it doesn't...

I don't remember exactly what she was explaining to me here, but I'd guess it was something like, "You know, you have a very round head, Mommy!"

Okay, I do look pretty fabulous here, but honestly compels me to admit that Katie decided, "Mom, I'm going to leave out your wrinkles."  Isn't she nice?

Yay, Mommy!  It is good to be loved.

And, just because Katie does believe in gilding the lily, she added roses in my hair.
This one definitely needs to be framed and given a choice spot on the wall.


Freeman Forest said...

I think it should be your new profile pic...

Amy said...

Thank you for the idea to use the ice cube trays for paint. I would have never thought - but they are perfect!!

Love the children tend to emulate Picasso.

Melora said...

Thanks, Bill! If my mom hadn't vetoed the idea I would have!

Glad to help, Amy! I can't remember where I learned that one, but ice cube trays certainly are multipurpose.

Veronica Boulden said...

I've been using old egg cartons for paint... but an ice cube tray would work, too! Love it!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Melora said...

But the egg cartons you could just dump after using instead of washing! We usually pass along our cartons to friends with chickens, but when they don't need them this would be an excellent use!

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