Saturday, June 26, 2010

He's Baaack!

We got up at the crack of dawn this morning and drove over to get our boy back from camp.  He was glad to see us, despite having had a wonderful time!  And it was so great to have him back with us. 

For two hours he regaled us with with descriptions of every meal and snack he had eaten over the past week, as well as stories of his non-food related activities.  We told him about what we had been up to (not much, but he was curious about the dinners he had missed) in his absence.  Then, as a long promised treat, we stopped at a Red Robin restaurant for lunch.  Red Robin is a hamburger place that the kids have seen advertised (on television -- have I mentioned how I feel about television?) and have wanted to visit for a couple years.  Not the sort of thing we normally do, but we were celebrating today...
It was wonderful to watch him tucking in to a meal again!  And we all did agree that the sandwiches were very good.

And before the week is entirely over, here are a couple pictures of Egypt...
I didn't get any pictures of the bazaar, where my tambourine booth was, but I thought the Pharoah's palace in the sanctuary was very nice.  Joseph and those Egyptians sure did have fun!  Someone told Katie that next year will be Jerusalem, and she is already excited.

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