Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mom Knows Best (My mom, that is!)

We took Travis to camp on Sunday.  He was excited but nervous, and as of when we left, he hadn't seen any of the boys from last year he'd been hoping would be in this session.  But maybe they came late or something.  Anyway, I hope he is having a marvelous time.  (and Doesn't Katie look woeful?  She milked that sad face for a trip to Pizza Hut on the way home, so don't feel too sorry for her!)

You can't see it in the picture, but since last Saturday afternoon I've been suffering the effects of Not Listening to My Mom.  The previous Friday I was seeing a doctor for a checkup and he commented on my cough, which I'd had for over a month.  I said I was sure it would go away eventually, but he offered to write a prescription for an antibiotic.  I thought it might be nice to stop coughing (it was getting hard on my ribs), so said "okay."  He wrote an order for Trimeth/Sulfa.  I am Not a confrontational sort of person and don't like to argue, but I meekly volunteered that my brother had once had an allergic reaction to sulfa drugs and my mother had always told me not to take them.  He scoffed.  "You silly, silly woman!  Sulfa allergies don't run in families.  Except sometimes.  But you are still silly and have no medical degree.  And if you do have an allergic reaction it won't kick in for a week."
So, being indeed a silly, silly woman, I bought the pills and took them.  And in a week, Saturday afternoon, just after I mowed the lawn, I broke out in a dreadful rash.  Even though we sprayed the poison ivy & have largely killed it, I thought it Had to be poison ivy.  Until I woke up Sunday morning with a blinding headache and a rash that had spread to places one would never expose while mowing the lawn.  Ed and the kids were pretty horrified by my appearance, and Travis was not keen for me to hug him goodbye (but he did change his mind at the last minute and let me give him a good hug).  And by Sunday night I had a pretty good fever going, painfully swollen glands, a sick headache, and a truly spectacular rash.  Stupid doctor, but much stupider me!  So Monday morning I was not able to work a craft booth at a friend's vacation Bible school, as I had promised to.  Ed called the doctor, who told me to take Benadryl and prescribed Prednisone for the reaction I had been silly enough to have.  So I did and spent the rest of the day asleep.  And this morning I was much better.  I dressed as an Egyptian floozy and helped children make tambourines at my friend's vacation Bible school (where the theme is something about Joseph in Egypt, and the floozy costume was at the request of the friend, who is the sort of very dear friend that you would wear such a thing for, even if for most people you would greet the suggestion with a scornful "HA!  Not Likely!").

And how is that woeful little Katie holding up, you ask?  Not so badly, as it turns out.  All week we have the VBS at which I am appearing as an Egyptian floozy in the morning, and then in the evening, 6:30-9, the Baptists next door are having their VBS.  So Katie has a great time in the morning, comes home, eats, messes around, swims, plagues her parents, watches tv, eats, then goes off to Bible school with more Baptists in the evening.  So far she is holding up pretty well, thank you!
And, as we noticed last year, we are appreciating how much higher maintenance a single child is.  Makes me think how utterly restful must be the life of a woman I know who has eight children, when I consider how much easier two are than one.  Oh well.

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