Saturday, June 19, 2010

In Which I Prepare to Worry*...

It's been a fine week here, though, as usual, not nearly as productive as I'd hoped.  Travis's brain is filled with thoughts of camp, leaving little room to deal with mundane things like decently written compositions or balancing (simple) chemical equations.  He is dreading how much he will miss us in the nights, and eagerly anticipating all the fun he will have during the days.  The delight definitely outweighs the dread, but he wants to be sure that we are going to miss him.  And oh, how we will!  We drop him off tomorrow morning, and I will begin my week of worrying.

That is tomorrow, though!  Today he is happily ensconced on the couch, and I am steeling myself to go and tell him that he has to type a paper, finish some history, and correct his science before he goes, so we can begin school again on the 28th with a clean slate!  Just doing my part to make leaving his mother a little easier for the poor lamb.

Actually, the lack of productiveness this week has been partly due to all the opportunies for fun which came up.  Monday, Travis went to a balloon animal making workshop/pizza party at the library.
 He had a great time, and made a balloon sword, flower, hat, and two dogs.  His favorite, one of the dogs, didn't survive the trip home, but, as Travis said, "That's pop culture for you!"

Tuesday and Wednesday we had friends over in the afternoon to play in the pool.   Both days the swimming was interrupted by thunder, but they had fun, and got to spend at least some time in the pool.

Friday we took the kids to the public pool, hoping to test their swimming skills by having them swim some laps.  The pool was so crowded that the swim tests were difficult, but I think we concluded that, while their dog paddling and underwater swimming is pretty respectable, we'd still like them to learn the forward crawl.  Travis and Katie both think they are great swimmers, and were much more interested in leaping from the diving board than in our silly swim tests....
Travis's back was red by the time we left, and not with sunburn.

P.S.  I know worrying is useless.  You don't have to tell me. 

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andie said...

Aww. Hope he has a great week.