Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Who Says Our Days are Not Exciting? (Oh, wait. That was me.)

After I'd posted last night, I realized I had forgotten that we did have some exciting news!
Katie started diagramming sentences yesterday!  Just a simple subject and a simple predicate yesterday, but she was so excited about it because diagramming is one of Travis's favorite school things, so she knew to expect a treat.  She wasn't disappointed, either!  And today we moved on to compound subjects and predicates...

Who loves diagramming?  We love diagramming!!!

Having accused them of a lack of enthusiasm, it is only fair for me to admit that we do have fun with some of our schoolwork.  And maybe I am being a tad unreasonable to expect them to be joyous about all areas of our studies.  Lord knows I wasn't, at their age.

In related news, Katie's CAT results finally came today, and she was thrilled to have a composite percentile (reading, language, and mathematics) of 99.  She missed one math problem.  I was very pleased too, but would have been even more so if the test had been a bit more challenging.  Travis got a combined percentile of 96, and all of his errors were just sloppy.  I'm thinking of trying a different test next year, just for variety (maybe the ITBS?), but for this year I'm happy that they have become, more than ever, happy and completely anxiety free test takers!

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