Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Katie was missing her brother (who was at the orthodontist's) this afternoon, so I sent her out with Bo for a cheering game of  "Train the Dog."  Bo loves "Train the  Dog."  He plays enthusiastically, 'til the last treat is gone.
Here he is, being "reminded" of what treats taste like.  'Cause he might have forgotten!
And he can Sit.

Here Katie is telling him that he will be playing "Truffle Hunt."
The name is a little inaccurate, since it actually involves finding a treat hidden in plain sight On Top of a giant mushroom.  Bo found it quite challenging, but he did eventually bump into the treat with that long nose of his.  What a Good Dog!

And here we have a Cuddle of Kittens...

And of course, speaking of kittens...

our the stray kitten is still hanging around, but spent most of the day sunning herself in front of the neighbor's garage.  I wonder whether maybe she has been living in his tumbledown shed, and only became desperate to get into our house yesterday because we'd had two days of heavy rain?  Unfortunately, his shed is probably not an ideal home for her, as he strongly dislikes cats. 
She is quite the suck-up.

Around dinner time, though, she was back on our porch, looking hopefully in at the door.
I "insulated" the box we set up for her yesterday with newspapers and plastic, and Katie gave her more food and water.  And we are asking everyone in the neighborhood if they are missing or would like to adopt a cat.
(Bo would like to adopt her, but we've told him that he already has enough cats.)

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