Monday, August 08, 2011

Nelson (the Brave!)

I took a phone call this morning just after having set Katie to making history "flash cards" for Napoleon Bonaparte, John Adams, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Horatio Nelson.  She wasn't any too certain about Nelson, as she hadn't heard of him before, but she soon warmed up to him and, as I was talking for a while, wrote a poem about him.

Nelson the Brave

Horatio Nelson was fearless and brave. 
He fought Napoleon, that great knave.
Defeated French forces at the Battle of Nile,
And defeated the Spanish, where he lost his smile.

We've been studying poetry in Rod & Staff grammar (finishing the last couple lessons in the 3rd grade book), and she pointed out to me that this poem shows the AABB rhyme scheme.  Rosemary and Stephen Vincent Benet, watch out!

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