Saturday, October 01, 2011

Lucky Me!

The kids gave me an early birthday present today -- my Birthday Hike!  They are not, generally speaking, keen hikers, but as a special treat, once a year, they will hike the Wolf Rock trail with me, without complaining.  Actually, that has always been the goal, but in past years some whining has occurred.  This year, however, they were both just as cheerful and energetic as anyone could wish!  Not a single moan, and Travis carried the water jug most of the way.

It was kind of chilly, and very windy, but otherwise completely gorgeous!
We call this the Octopus Tree, because it has so many trunks.  It marks approximately the halfway to Wolf Rock mark!

I  haven't really got the hang of where one looks when taking a self-portrait. The kids are better at it!

Pictures just don't do the scenery justice.  And did I mention how completely delightful it was, hiking with cheerful children?

And of course it wouldn't be a proper hike without ice cream after! (And I think my little darlings each bought me a birthday present -- the little Stone Mountain store is the only place around here we've found to buy Chunky bars. As soon as we got home they both rushed off and wrapped very Chunky bar-sized packages for me!)

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