Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Cruel, cruel youth!

Katie has been listening to Little Women and Little Men. Over and over. And her favorite characters are Daisy and Demi, Meg's twins. She talks about them as though they are real, adorable little children she knows. Tonight she was telling me about how Daisy says that Demi is the "most remarkable boy in the world," and Demi says she is the "sweetest specimen." I asked her if she wished she and Travis were always so loving to each other (remembering fondly the days when they were little and really were pretty sweet to each other),and she replied, "Well, they were raised better."


She could tell right away that she had said the Wrong Thing and tried to fix it.
And did a very good job.
After protesting that she "hadn't meant it," and that "you are the best mommy every" (Okay, so she lied. Her intentions were good.), she came up with
"Well,  they were raised fictional."

A very salient point. I allowed myself to be comforted!

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