Sunday, March 11, 2012

Out of the Loop. Again.

School went fine last week, but I had a cold and kept forgetting that cold medicine turns me into an imbecile. So I guess maybe it might not have gone so well? I know that I forgot to give Katie her spelling test, or Travis his Latin test. Well, and there could have been a few other things. We did math. And science. And some really entertaining history/literature reading! We are reading an adaptation of King Solomon's Mines, and it is just as outrageously campy as can be.  The kids love it. (I have no idea if the original is so funny, but in this one our intrepid explorers spend one day crossing the desert and nearly die because they didn't think to bring more than pint size water bottles. They are starving, then, without explanation, have tummies full of antelope meat. Apparently no one bothered to proof read the adaptation before publishing, but the kids find all the goofiness hilarious.)  Anyway, it was a good week for me to be a little woozy because our co-op is taking this coming week off, so we have an extra week for history stuff, writing, and Katie's Latin.

On Saturday Travis and I went on a short hike with my parents. Katie was sick with allergies and stayed home with Ed, poor munchkin.

Travis took this stream picture -- isn't it pretty?

We thought Katie probably wouldn't be well enough for church this morning, but I did hope she would. But then at 8:00 am Ed noticed that it was actually 9:00 am. Which meant we wouldn't make it regardless of Katie's health. I despise daylight savings time. It always catches me unprepared. Like dinnertime, only less often (thank goodness!). Anyway, she didn't feel particularly well, so she got to spend the day on the couch watching Enchanted over and over.

And I got to spend the morning lolling about reading. It was bliss. Just what I needed to settle the last of my cold, and this afternoon Ed and I went out and whacked down the rose bushes along the fence. They put up a heck of a fight, but we won. That is, we cut them down a lot. Since they are all completely possessed by the demon rose virus which produces huge thorns and freakishly ugly growth, they did get in a lot of sharp jabs, and our pruning, rather than encouraging healthy growth and lovely blooms, only means that our evil mutant roses are shorter than they would have been. But still, it was satisfying. We felt a bit like Gomez and Morticia...

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The Foil Hat said...

Cold medicines have the same effect on me lol. I hope you remember more of the coming week.

I'm with you - I DESPISE the time changes. Pick something and stick with it!!!!