Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Boy is Back Home!

But first, just for the record, Katie did have a friend over during the week! Admittedly it was just one day (Wednesday), and the rest of the week she was at loose ends, but it was one Really Good day. We made pizza, cookies, and milkshakes, and the girls spent most of the day splashing around in the pool (and the rest of it, apparently, tossing beads around Katie's bedroom with reckless abandon... but we won't dwell on that!). 
Here they are, passing through the school room. And yes, I know I need more bookshelves.
 The friend likes cats, and Harry adores her.
 Katie, pulling her away from Harry, off to play some more.

And, at Katie's request, we watched The Lord of the Rings (extended edition). Five nights and quite a few bowls of popcorn. Great movies.

And this morning we left the house at 6:30 and drove a long, long way to pick up Travis at camp! Gosh, I missed him!
This year the camp organized the pick-up very efficiently. Parents got to sign their kids out before the kids wandered down from their cabins in the woods, and the luggage was piled up at the "pick-up zone."

So, by the time Travis's group showed up we had him all signed out and his bags in the car.

He is still in one piece!
 Skinnier than ever (and dirtier than usual), but Oh-so-huggable!

My sweet boy.
Getting him to tell us about what he did was like pulling teeth this year, but eventually he did, and it sounds like he had a good time. And he missed his computer. And just a few minutes ago, after a touching reunion with his Thinkpad, he mentioned that he'd missed me too. Awwww!


The Foil Hat said...

LOL - he's so tall!!! I'm sure he missed you more than the computer.

Melora said...

Well, the computer has gotten the lion's share of his attention, but I'm sure (I think) that Deep Down he missed me even more. Maybe.

And he Is tall!