Thursday, October 04, 2012

Ed's Grass

This is where the alien ship landed.
Not really. This is where our pool was set up. Much as we love it, it does not do good things for the grass underneath it.
 Last year we tossed some grass seed in the general direction and the seed grew with little enthusiasm. Clearly it felt unloved.
Grass seed is expensive, and this year we are not making the same mistake! This year's seed is resting in a bed supplemented with top soil, and is watered daily and given many fond words of encouragement. It feels cherished and is growing like anything!*

 (Ed nurturing his babies!)

 At our house, kitchen counters awash in sugar and food coloring indicate an approaching birthday! Actually, I also have a mantle piece filled with beautifully wrapped presents and extra affectionate children who keep asking, "Are you excited?" "Can you hardly wait?"

 (My beautiful little baker! She wants to assure you that she can spell "Mommy," but it wouldn't fit.)
While getting another year closer to fifty is not especially thrilling, I love their excitement! Plus, I have shamelessly groped my gifts and determined which are readable and which are eatable. The ratio appears to be perfect. Plus, there are two mystery gifts, which always adds spice to the morning!

*Don't forget to tune in again tomorrow, when I will be featuring pictures of paint drying!

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