Friday, October 05, 2012

They Love Me

Another birthday, and I am feeling very loved. Hugs, cards, presents, cake, and more hugs. And a beautiful day for sitting in a lawn chair, reading birthday books and nibbling birthday candy! It doesn't get much better than this.
 (black jelly beans from Ed! He also gave me candy fruit slices!)

 (Travis gave me the sweatshirt. The bunny ears are from Katie!)
 Beautiful books from my parents!

Travis took this artistic cake picture. It is every bit as sugary and luscious as it looks!

It's been a lovely, lovely day. And we are heading out to play badminton in a few minutes, and I don't have to cook tonight!

Marking my birthday makes it more than usually difficult to ignore the way the years are passing, and I wish so much that I could stop time here. As Travis used to say, "Hit Pause!" With the kids at ten and fourteen and all. This is such a good part, and I want to keep it. I'm sure in another ten years or so I'd be ready to hit Play. Maybe.*

Hopkins's poem "Spring and Fall" keeps running through my head.

*Of course, as usual, we've lost the remote, so I can't hit Pause. Wouldn't you know?

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