Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Kindle Day!

Katie has been wishing for a Kindle of her very own for quite a while, and just recently she earned enough to buy one. We've been checking on its progress every day (Amazon's Supersaver Shipping allows plenty of anticipation time!), and today was the day!

(Of course, she had to change out of her wet swim suit in order to be properly dressed for The Opening!)

She also ordered the special case, in Royal Purple, so that the Kindle goes to sleep when you close the cover and wakes up when you open it -- pretty awesome!

And here she is, with Violet. "Are you jealous, Mommy?"
"No. Mommies aren't jealous of their children!"
"Well, you could be just a little bit jealous. It's very nice!"
"Okay. I'm just a little bit jealous."

(Not really. But it is a pretty amazing little thing!)

Violet now has plenty of books loaded up, neatly arranged in Collections. Katie had to try reading on her for a while, but now that she is charging her battery Katie can finish up her spelling and math. July is going to be a month of playing, reading, and lesson planning!

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