Thursday, June 27, 2013


The kids had their first Latin Club meeting this afternoon, and they had a great time! They played Latin Pictionary (Travis is drawing "miles, milites" (soldier)). The boys won, but it was close. They actually volunteered to give up part of the time designated for snacks so that they could play longer!

And tonight was the finale of the Presbyterian's Vacation Bible School. Katie did this one without Travis (who was quite content to spend his evenings this week working on his video), and she was with a very nice group of girls and had a great time! Here the kids are processing in behind a bagpiper.....

(The VBS theme was Highland Games, but I think Presbyterians are entitled to bagpipers anyway.)
  They sang some very nice songs, and the music director wore a kilt. I checked out their hymnal and recognized a fair lot of the music. Not that I'm church shopping by any means -- we love our church -- but it is always good to have a back up plan (in case gas prices become impossible or zombies blockade the mountain).

Then they fed us at a hot dog buffet (Travis approved of this very much), and the kids went out to slip & slide down the hill.
 Katie didn't want to leave...

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