Monday, July 01, 2013

Where the Cool Zombies Go

Travis finally got his Minecraft server up and running.

 Pretty fancy, eh? (That was Katie's laptop, before the screen cracked) Ed and I don't know anything about servers (or Minecraft, for that matter), but Travis figured it out himself, and it works!

And here he is, building a nightclub in Zombie City. It's called The Limp Zombie.

(Seating. Because, obviously, snockered Zombies need a place to sit.)

It's July!!!!! The 2012-13 school year is closed, and I'm now planning the next in earnest. This is actually a little less fun than "pre-planning." My pre-planning consisted of thinking about what things we would be studying (the curriculum "bones")  and what books we would read to best and most delightfully learn about those things. This part of the planning was carried out with a "If this jello were a ruby I would buy...." mindset (with my budget as the jello, of course). However, now that I have gotten to the point of scheduling what I was actually able to buy with my non-ruby budget (and please understand, I am grateful to have a jello budget -- plenty of people have no budget and haven't gotten to celebrate any box days at all!) the fantasy begins to contract. Just a little. Still, I'm excited about what we'll be doing -- history, philosophy, literature.... all of it! And my plans for teaching writing are coming together, a bit. The other "downer" is that I have to print out a lot of pages and the printer keeps jamming. I have to dig into its innards to pull out the crumpled pages, and when I do I burn my fingers on the hot whatever-it-is in there. Katie sympathizes but still finds it a little funny that my planning is so literally painful. I'm knocking off now, though. Maybe I'll go get something cold at The Limp Zombie!

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