Friday, July 05, 2013

Another Birthday?

My sweet boy celebrated a birthday today, which means he is...... Nope. I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday that..... Well, you know what I mean. Let's just say that he turned fourteen last year and I could hardly handle it!

Anyway, it was a very good day!
The birthday boy slept late, and he was still a little sleepy when he decided it was time for presents.

 (sibling love!)
 (he got an awesome singing card, with an awesome gift!)

 Games for the Wii. He and Katie played these for several hours. I am told they are excellent

But this was the Big present -- the one he's wanted for Ages and Ages. He's been cycling through trial versions of Adobe Flash for a long time, but now he has his very own Adobe Flash Professional CS6. It is the Student Version, and it requires proof of studenthood, which is a little tricky for us. It took us a couple tries this afternoon, submitting copies of curriculum receipts, standardized test scores, homeschool registration card (ours has a Jan. 2007 date on it -- the date we started homeschooling in North Carolina -- and the state only issues you a card when you start, so I could see how the Adobe people might be doubtful), etc., but their instructions said it might take two business days to get a registration number and Travis had it by late afternoon, so we were very pleased! His current movie imported without a hitch and he is Very happy!

 We had cake.

 And tonight we went to Travis's favorite restaurant, where he ordered his favorite meal! Ed's restaurant jinx in still in action. He ordered his usual -- a Philly cheese steak sandwich -- and the waitress came over, very apologetic, to explain that his meal had been up, but then it had disappeared! He looks sad in the picture, but actually we all laughed, and then had to explain to the waitress that she shouldn't feel bad because his dinners, when he eats out, always disappear! He shared my french fries until his meal showed up, and it was hot and delicious, so evidently they quickly cooked him a fresh, new dinner.

Ed mentioned to the waitress (twice) that it was Travis's birthday, and after dinner she brought him a lovely birthday slice of cheesecake! She explained that the other servers were too busy to all gather and sing to him, but that she would sing herself if he would like (though she didn't sound very eager). Since Travis's desire to avoid attention is very nearly as great as his desire for cheesecake, this was ideal! All the cheesecake, and none of the embarrassment! (He did share the cheesecake, though, and it was very good!)

 And here he is, happily movie making.

And he was surprised and thrilled to discover that Google wishes him a happy birthday too! Wow.

And here is one I forgot to post yesterday! Katie and her friend Caroline made lovely Fourth of July bonnets! You can't really see, but they have sprays of foil stars on them -- very festive!


The Foil Hat said...

Happy Birthday, Travis!!!!!

Love the July 4 hats, too.

Melora said...

Thanks, Amy!