Thursday, July 11, 2013

Missing My Boy

Travis headed off with the church group for their mission trip to Frenchboro, Maine this morning. We got to the church at 6:00, as instructed, and then waited for nearly an hour of dithering. Actually, the dithering wasn't so bad. It was the impromptu "Now let's sing Here I am, Lord*," in the parking lot, before 7:00, that did me in. Followed by a team building cheer. And I'd had half a cup of coffee and almost no sleep (Travis chose not to begin packing until 9:30 last night. And then I had heavy-duty worrying to do until the alarm rang at 4:30. My schedule is pretty packed.). Fortunately, Travis is made of hardier stuff and handled the singing and the cheer with equanimity.

Bye, sweetie! Be safe! Have fun! Don't forget to call me/e-mail every single day!

And Katie is busy packing and re-packing for her week at camp, which starts Sunday! It will be her first time there, and she is so excited. Her trip doesn't make me feel so anxious, as we'll be driving her there and picking her up, and Travis's weeks there have persuaded me that they are pretty good at watching over children and returning them undamaged (also unwashed, but probably isn't the fault of the camp. and Katie says she will use the soap she is taking!).
Here she is, posing with her doll in the lovely outfit (a beautiful dress, and shoes!) that my sweet mother just sent! Thank you, Mommy! She loves it!

*which is a very pretty song, at around 11ish. But about the only song that seems appropriate to me before 7:00 is "Lord Have Mercy Upon Us." 


The Foil Hat said...

(((Melora))) He'll be fine and he'll be in touch. (You'll be fine too - it's hard, though, isn't it?)

Love the dress and shoes for the doll!

Melora said...

Thanks, Amy! He did call last night to tell us they'd make it to Hartford. But then I was irritated because it was 8:00 and he'd never gotten dinner. Once I hear he's made it to the island I'll leave off worrying (so much) until they head home again. It's all that crazy New York/Boston/Hartford etc. traffic that scares me. But I know he'll have fun, and I need to work on keeping my craziness under control!

The doll outfit Is awesome! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

heheeee! o my. i'm pretty sure there aren't ANY acceptable songs at that ungodly hour...