Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Fourth!

We've had thunder storms all week, and things looked iffy for our community's Fourth of July celebration, but today turned out beautifully!

It was drizzling in the morning, when we walked over to watch the parade.
 The drizzle dried up right away, though, and it was cool and pleasant.
Every emergency vehicle in North Carolina was there, I think, with sirens screaming. I'm not sure why they do that.

This is my favorite part -- the horses!
 The black one in the middle was high stepping and gorgeous!

Travis bought me my yearly barbecue sandwich. It was scrumptious.

The games started at 1:30.

 A friend walking past wondered whether we'd like a picture all together. We would!

Some friends came over, and they joined in the games! Here is Travis in the sack race!
 Go Trav! He didn't win, but his friend came in third, which was pretty good in a such a crowded (not to mention soggy and muddy) field.

And here some of the older boys watch the younger kids compete.

 A big Daddy Longlegs. It was crawling on Ed's back. I would have gotten it off, if no one else would, but I was glad not to have to!

The egg toss. 
 It got sticky!

And the boys' egg toss. Travis and Chris were one of the last three pairs, but they didn't win. Still, a good showing!

Then pool time....

Later, the boys went back and did boy stuff across the street, the girls played, and the grown-ups drank wine and talked. Then pizza, more talk, and fireworks. The fireworks were fantastic! A perfect Fourth of July.

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