Saturday, July 27, 2013

He's Home!

We picked Travis up today! He had a fantastic time (he said it was "a hundred times better than last year," and he had a pretty great time last year!). As we pulled into the parking lot, Ed saw him hugging two girls, and as we were carrying his things to the car it seemed as though every kid we passed called out to him. It was his fifth year, and apparently there were a lot of people he knew. So the whole "socialization" thing seems to be going okay, anyway. And it is So Great to have them both home! He spent a good half hour (of our very long ride home) telling us about all the great stuff he did, but he also mentioned a New Idea for a video, and as soon as we got home he started in on it. Meaning that he is currently sitting across the desk from me, completely engrossed in his own stuff. But he's here, where I can hug him on a whim, and that counts for a lot!

The traffic was absolutely horrific on the way home (road work and accidents), but I got in a lot of lectures in my current Teaching Company course, The Other Side of History: Daily Life in the Ancient World (I actually got this with a credit from Audible, which seems very satisfactory!). Is is so nice to be back to "normal!"

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Good, good stuff. <3