Monday, August 05, 2013

Back to School!

We are starting back to school this week. Easing into it. Partly because I'm just not ready to start back at the beginning of August (but my fellow co-op moms are, so there you go), and partly because I still haven't gotten All The Stuff together. So. This week we'll do literature and history, a little govt. (for Travis), and Latin review. But today, in honor of Saint Monday, we went to the beach!

We packed a picnic, but I forgot the plates. And the napkins (but I remembered mayo and a knife to spread it with!). Ed talked sweetly to the man at the snack stand and got us zippy little red striped sandwich trays. The kids thought they made our lunch look Very fancy!

 The porter. Every so often she is useful as well as decorative!

 Nahum Sarna's Exploring Exodus turned out to be less than perfect for beach reading (especially after Ed accidentally broke the lead of my pencil, so I couldn't annotate), but fortunately I also had my mp3 player along, with Holland's Religion in the Ancient Mediterranean World. Good stuff!

Ed had car magazines.

 Katie pulled Travis, in the tube, all around the lake. I think she would like to be able to keep a tow rope on him more often!

 The lake really is lovely! And I found, late in the day, a gorgeous walking trail that goes around the lake. I wasn't sure how much longer Ed and the kids would be happy on the beach, so I turned back long before I wanted to. Someday we'll go back, and I'll start early and walk the 5.7 mile lake loop. It really was a beautiful trail!

 Travis, building his annual sand castle. His equipment required a lot of walking (or, maybe, it was the location he chose, far up the beach!), but he persevered!

And we finished with ice cream! The shop has stopped carrying Cappuccino Crunch. I wept for a while (inside) but then consoled myself with Moonpie. It was not nearly as good, but it still was pretty good! Ed and Katie got Mint Moose Tracks, which was excellent.

And this is a picture for last Saturday. Katie came down wearing her Writing Outfit and started work on her newest novel. It involves a werewolf, but she's a nice werewolf, and there is no romance. Just girls. Who shop a little and eat ice cream and chocolate. Things were going very well for a while, with the writing, but tonight there was a disaster involving a lost Open Office file and I'm not sure how much was salvaged. It is not easy being a writer!

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