Monday, August 12, 2013

One Down!

We had our first co-op meeting today, and it went fine. Really quite well. I didn't get any very "meaty" literature or history discussions going, and my geography lesson was very light, but overall I think it was good. The kids seemed happy and engaged, anyway, and that counts for something.

Of course, given that it feels as though I spent the entire summer working on preparing for this school year, today's classes ought to have gone well. I guess the real question will be whether I can keep the kids' enthusiasm going once my magical bag of Hershey's kisses is gone! (One of the boys in Travis's class, who normally spends class in another galaxy, was absolutely on fire today giving me definitions for literary terms, once he realized that I would reward him with chocolate. I think, just for my own mental health, I may keep the bribes  incentives going for a while!) Both kids enjoyed Latin class. It is review for Travis, but he needs review. Katie made a lovely Egyptian collar in her history class, and she said the discussion of The Golden Goblet went well. So... I think it is going to be another good year, though the weekly prep may just kill me (and I don't dare think about those papers to grade!).

Last week we did start lessons, but just history, literature, and Latin. Which left me time to plan and the kids time to play. After all, it is still summer!

 Travis, floating over so see what Katie is looking at.
A spider! Here she is showing Travis how big it is....
 but when I asked her, it became THIS big!
 And Ed took some pretty pictures of the butterflies. There are oodles of them around the butterfly bushes just now. Velvety black ones and these cheerful yellow ones.

Here the kids are, wearing their first day of school clothes. A bit eccentric, but they both remembered all their books and pencils, so I think we are doing okay. And, just to show them that I can occasionally have my stuff together, I made them biscuits and bacon for breakfast this morning. Before co-op. Sometimes I am awesome.

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