Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Yesterday was a bust, schoolwise. At least for Katie, and Travis didn't get everything done. This is why...

This sweet little kitten showed up on the porch. It sat right outside the door and yowled and yowled and yowled. Clearly, it had decided that we were its new family. Unfortunately, Harry and Emma are meeting our cat needs abundantly.

It was very pleased when the kids went out to swim (and I thought I'd get in some reading-on-the-deck!).
 (It paced around and around the pool while the kids swam. When it wasn't climbing on the chairs in an attempt to peer in the windows or cuddle in my lap.)

The kids found it fascinating. Another cat! A cat in need! Surely we couldn't turn away a dear little cat? 
Well, actually. Yes. Ed took a stand. No more cats. 

In a bid for a little homeschool-mom sympathy (because my darlings spent much of the day peering out the window and fretting about the Poor Little Kitten), I posted a picture of it on a Facebook group. And, who would have thought it... one of my homeschool mom FB buddies actually volunteered to drive up from lower down in NC and take in the kitten and find it a good home! How is that for kind and noble? 

And she did! She came this morning, with her three lovely (and also articulate and polite!) children, and rescued the kitten (and, equally important, me!). She couldn't stay nearly as long as I'd have liked, but we did get in some good talk about books and curriculum, and Katie and Travis were absolutely blown away to meet one of Mommy's Facebook Friends. I'm hoping another kitten will turn up soon, so she'll come back and play again!

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