Thursday, July 24, 2014

They're Back!

Well, actually, they've been back since early Saturday morning. The mission group met with a series of unfortunate events on their trip, including a couple of vehicle breakdowns. They spent some time at the repair shop, and had a five hour layover at the Wendy's in Murphy, NC, but they also received the kindness of strangers. The manager of the Wendy's gave them Frosties, the local Baptists bused them to Waynesville, and a couple ladies from the Christian school in Sparta (which is somehow connected with our church) drove the school bus all the way to Waynesville to pick up our poor, stranded missionaries. Instead of making it home early Friday afternoon, as expected, they got in around 1:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. 

They had a marvelous time, and apparently they did quite a lot of good work. They painted and stained several houses and helped build a deck and a wheel chair ramp, and they also got to go white water rafting, swimming, and marshmallow toasting. Good stuff. Travis, rather unnecessarily, brought home a nasty sore throat and, even more unnecessarily, shared it with Katie and me. He is now recovered, and Katie is back to her perky self. I'm over the sore throat but have come down with noodle-limbs and a woozy head -- not really a problem, as long as I stick to the couch. Still, the children have mercifully done their bits of math, etc. with little fuss, so I can lie back and read and they can.... well, do things they find amusing. Boxes checked and everyone is happy!

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