Saturday, July 02, 2016

A Peaceful Saturday

According to our original plan we would have been driving six hours (round trip) to pick Travis up from camp today, but last Sunday, when we got there, his suspicion that he did not want to be there strengthened into a firm resolve, so we brought him right back home. So today was quite freed up for other activities! 

Travis found his new drone to be less easy to steer than he'd imagined, but he's getting the hang of it now and going around very nicely. He did once have to climb onto the roof to dislodge it, but only once!

Harry finds the drone mildly interesting.

But he'd rather be snuggled.

He even gave Katie a chance to drive his new toy, but I didn't get a picture -- it was a very short flight.

On the trip home, last Sunday, we stopped for dinner at a pizza place. I think Travis got ravioli. At any rate, he was very pleased with his dinner!

And we were pleased with his cheerful mood! He chatted all the way home, and played us some of the electronic music he's been working on. It was a very pleasant ride.

The many faces of Olivia....

And, of course, Finn! He's been behaving a bit better lately! Not good, but certainly less naughty.

Livy, chasing her tail.

They are getting along much better these days. Livy follows Finn around and likes to swat at him. Finn likes to sniff her and mouth her, and chase her when she's inclined to run. But we can go hours between episodes of pouncing and hissing!

She did Not want to let me sit in my chair and her quelling look is a good one, I think!

And a final picture, with Finny lying peacefully while I read. The sneakers are on the table because he brought them to me. One at a time. Having stolen them from their "safe" spot on top of the crate. I think he was lying down mostly because he'd tired himself out grabbing Things He's Not Supposed to Have. And you can't see Livy, but she's under the couch.


Anonymous said...

Great pics! Oh, the days when the pups would helpfully 'bring' things they Were Not Supposed to Have.

Melora said...

Thanks, Carol. I'm grateful when Finn Brings me the things he steals, but mostly he's smart/devious enough Not to. Instead he takes his stolen items and hides under the coffee table to devour them in peace.And if I walk over to inspect he does his best to lie on top of whatever he's eating.